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HR Consultancy Services in Dubai

Bazaar Accounting and Management Advisors specialize in providing expert HR consultancy services in Dubai World Trade Center, and support and support to businesses in navigating the complex landscape of HR regulations, ensuring compliance, and optimizing workforce management. We support you in establishing a solid framework for your HR operations thanks to our extensive knowledge of regional laws and customs.

At BAM Advisors, we provide a wide range of HR consultancy services designed to satisfy the particular requirements of companies doing business in the UAE. All facets of human resources management are addressed by our team of skilled HR consultants, who also offer strategic direction and workable solutions. At every point of your HR journey, from hiring and talent acquisition to employee relations, performance management, and compliance, we are here to support you.

For firms in the UAE, maintaining compliance with regional labor laws and regulations is essential. To make sure that your HR policies, practices, and employee contracts comply with the law, our HR experts work directly with you. We conduct HR audits to find any gaps or non-compliance issues and offer doable suggestions for change. Our team also assists in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employee handbooks, and other essential HR documentation to protect your interests and maintain legal compliance.


  • HR Advisory services in Dubai as per best industry practice.
  • HR Consultancy services in UAE
  • Employees on Arrival & Exit Briefings
  • Preparation of Employee Handbook as per company policy.
  • Maintenance of employment records such as Passport, Visa & Emirates ID copies.
  • Drafting of offer letters & employment contracts.
  • Assistance on Medical Insurance renewals.
  • Assisting in preparing experience letters, promotion letters, etc.
  • Timely intimation to the management about details of Visa renewals, expiry, etc.
  • Employee Relocation Advisory services.
  • Exit formalities at the time of resignation, termination, etc.

Beyond compliance, our HR advisory services in Business Bay, Dubai, extend to strategic HR consulting. We collaborate with you to develop effective HR strategies aligned with your business goals. To increase the productivity and engagement of your employees, we offer advice on people management, organizational development, succession planning, and performance management. Our consultants create tailored solutions that promote long-term business success by combining their knowledge, best practices, and industry experience.

Partner with BAM Advisors for comprehensive HR advisory services in the UAE. Our experienced team is dedicated to supporting your HR needs, ensuring compliance, and enabling your business to thrive in a competitive environment. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how we can add value to your HR operations!

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