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Payroll Management Services in Dubai

We at Bazaar Accounting and Management Advisors execute payroll management services in Dubai accurately and discreetly in all respects. Our skilled payroll specialists guarantee compliance and accuracy in payroll calculations because they are knowledgeable about UAE tax and labor rules. We handle employee data, process payroll on a regular basis, and provide your staff with thorough paystubs as part of our reliable payroll administration services in Dubai. In addition, we manage statutory deductions for things like social security and income taxes and make sure the appropriate authorities are paid on schedule.

Importance of Payroll Management

Calculating salaries accurately and processing them on time every month is crucial but intricate. Ensuring compliance with frequent employment law changes in the UAE adds to the complexity of in-house teams. This is where outsourcing payroll functions to specialized Payroll Management Services in Dubai proves beneficial.

Consultants manage taxation, insurance, residence visa processing, attendance tracking, reimbursements, and other payroll activities systematically. This frees internal resources to focus on core operations. Using expert payroll outsourcing companies in the Trade Center also minimizes compliance risks of penalties from incorrect calculations or late payments.

Payroll Management Services in Dubai

Our Payroll Services

  • Providing complete payroll services in Dubai on a cloud-based application.
  • Setting up the Employee’s personal records.
  • Setting up the Employee’s payroll cycle by developing a payroll calendar.
  • Setting up the Employee’s earnings, deductions, bank details, and other personal information as required by law.
  • Setting up the Personal labor ID of both employer & employee.
  • Registration of employees with GPSSA wherever applicable.
  • Monthly processing of payroll as per the payroll calendar.
  • Providing the various payroll reports such as Payroll register, employee pay slips, Payroll summary, Payroll journal, Payroll Bank file, GPSSA contribution file, etc.
  • Loading of payroll payment file on the banking portal keeping it ready for the client to ensure release of salary to the employees.
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations such as Wages Protection System (WPS), DIFC Employees Workplace Savings Plan (DEWS), Gratuity, etc.
  • Preparation of End of service calculation at the time of employee exit.
  • Providing complete payroll services in DMCC, Payroll services in JAFZA, and Payroll services in Dubai Main-land companies.

DEWS and WPS Compliance

The UAE government has made it mandatory for employers to enroll in the Wage Protection System (WPS) and Dubai Electronic Salary Transfer System (DEWS) for prompt disbursal of salaries. Only authorized payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai integrate payroll processing with these platforms to maintain legislative adherence. They ensure timely uploads of payment files and transfer salaries directly to employee accounts.

Payroll Services for DMCC and JAFZA Businesses

Special Economic Zones like DMCC and JAFZA in Dubai offer 100% business ownership without intermediaries. However, their employment and payroll regulations differ substantially from mainland rules. Outsourcing payroll to specialized service providers offers mitigation from these complexities. Consultants educated about SEZ guidelines calculate taxes, and pensions accurately and process salaries of diverse nationalities while ensuring continuing legislative compliance.

Payroll Services in Dubai
Payroll Management Services Dubai

Benefits of Outsourcing

Standardized templates and automated workflows optimized through industry best practices facilitate payroll processing. Digitized pay slips and self-service portals enhance the employee experience. Outsourcing to professional payroll management services in Dubai minimizes errors, rework, and risks of non-compliance. Their expertise helps businesses reinvest savings from simplified operations to core areas of growth.


Seeking payroll outsourcing from reputed consultants like BAM Advisors not only simplifies operations but also ensures adherence to evolving Dubai payroll legislations, DEWS, and WPS systems. This optimizes resources while mitigating risks for organizations of all sizes.

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